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Exposure to a range of alternative investment strategies

The investment philosophy of RF1 is grounded in the belief that a diversified portfolio of assets, using a range of investment strategies backed by long-term capital, is key to the potential of achieving greater risk adjusted returns over the long term.

In order to achieve its objective, RF1 will provide investors with exposure to a range of investment strategies managed by Regal, where strategy allocations are adjusted over time depending on prevailing market conditions.

Regal Investment Fund allocation as at April 2024

Investing with Regal

The Regal Investment Fund provides investors with exposure to Regal's investment expertise, including our 19-year long track record of managing alternative investment strategies. The investment team members have, on average, over ten years' experience in financial markets both in Australia and overseas, with extensive experience of investing through many market cycles. The team has experience on the buy and sell side, fundamental investing, sales and research, long-side and hedge fund investing as well as investment banking and capital markets.



The Fund may appeal to investors who are seeking risk-adjusted absolute returns from alternative investment strategies to diversify their investment portfolio. Investors should regard any investment in the Fund as a long-term proposition and are to be aware that substantial fluctuations in the value of the portfolio held by the Fund may occur on a month-to-month basis over that period. A detailed explanation of risks is available in the Product Disclosure Statement.

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Alternative Investments: What, how and why? Used with permission. Regal did not pay for this video.

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