Credit & Royalties

Regal Private Credit Opportunities Fund

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Annualised Return since inception



October 2022

The Regal Private Credit Opportunities Fund targets returns of 8-12% p.a. through the cycle by focusing on private credit investments. It targets targeting bilaterally originated and negotiated loans to middle market companies, corporates owned by financial sponsors, as well as other idiosyncratic opportunities and credit solutions.

With a primary focus on first lien senior and secured floating rate loans, the Fund runs a flexible mandate and will tactically allocate capital across the credit spectrum depending on the most attractive risk adjusted return opportunities.

The Fund pays distributions quarterly, is open to applications monthly, redemptions semi-annually (from July 2025 onwards) and is suitable for wholesale and sophisticated investors.

Wholesale & sophisticated investors3

Regal Resources Royalties Fund

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Annualised return since inception2



August 2019

Performance, unit price and inception date reflect the Australian unit trust

The Regal Resources Royalties Fund seeks to provide investors with exposure to an attractive risk-adjusted asset class, providing a unique opportunity to gain exposure to an income stream uncorrelated to equity markets.

The Fund invests in natural and renewable resource royalties, commodity streams and royalty related structure solutions, with an aim of building a portfolio of investments that provide both income and growth while seeking to minimize the downside risk usually associated with investing in mining activities such as costs and exploration expenditure.

The Fund is open to applications monthly and redemptions annually and is suitable for wholesale and sophisticated investors who have a longer-term investment horizon.

Wholesale & sophisticate investors 3

1 As at 31 May 2024. Subject to buy/sell spreads

Performance as at 31 May 2024, net of fees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. All investments carry risk. Please refer to the relevant offering documents for more information.

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Retail investors are considered Australian domiciled investors who do not qualify as an eligible wholesale and sophisticated investor.

The benchmark for the Regal Australian Small Companies Fund is the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index, and the benchmark for the Regal Australian Long Short Equity Fund is the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index.

Performance since inception December 2023, not annualised.